Gipping Valley & Thurston School Sports Partnership

Autumn Term 1 Primary Results

Cross Country Event- Thanks to Schools that took part: Cockfield-36 pupils, Chilton- 48 pupils, Bardwell-40 pupils, Combs ford-39 pupils, Crawfords- 34 pupils, Creeting - 52 pupils, Old newton-78 pupils, Rattlesden-97 pupils, Ringshall- 60 pupils, Woolpit-43 pupils, Walsham-79 pupils, Bosmere-63 pupils, Freeman- 180 pupils, Trinity -132 pupils, Thurston-175 pupils, Wood ley -105 pupils, Abbots hall- 297 pupils, Rougham-95 pupils, Gt Barton - 173 pupils, Ixworth-50 pupils

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Yr1/2 Top Team Score Results

1)Trinity 0.40.24 mins 2) Freeman 0.42.25mins 3) Gt Barton 0.44.49mins  

4) Rattlesden 5) Thurston 6) Old Newton 7) Crawfords 8) Abbots H 9) Wood Ley

 Congratulations to the following Boys and Girls in Year 1/ 2 with Top 3 Fastest times

Gold-Eleanor -Freeman 3.38mins         Gold-Thomas- Freeman 3.36 mins

Silver- Tiffanie- Trinity 4.19mins          Silver- Elliot- Rattlesden 3.48 mins

Bronze – Sophie Crawfords 4.30mins   Bronze – Seth-Gt Barton 3.53 mins

wood ley web wood ley 3 web wood ley 2 web 

Yr3/4 Top Team Score Results

1)Bardwell 0.57.19 mins 2) Thurston 1.01.34 3) Abbots Hall 1.02.13   4) Gt barton

5) Freeman 6) Old Newton 7) Trinity 8) Rattlesden 9) Cockfield 10) Wood Ley

 Congratulations to the following Boys and Girls in Year 3/ 4 with Top 3 Fastest times

Gold-Albi- Bardwell 4.30 mins             Gold-Coire-Bardwell 4.55mins

Silver- Dylan- Gt Barton 5.17 mins      Silver- Effy- Freeman 5.46mins

Bronze – Addison-Abbots H 5.21mins   Bronze – Nancy Thurston 5.49mins

rattlesden web rattlesden 2 web

 Yr5/6 Top Team Score Results

1)Abbots Hall 1.18.56 2) Gt Barton 1.20.56 3) Bardwell 1.22.54 4) Rougham

5) Thurston 6) Freeman 7) Combs 8) Rattlesden 9) Bosmere 10) Creeting 11) Chilton

Congratulations to the following Boys and Girls in Year 5/6 with Top 3 Fastest times

Gold-Osca-Abbots H 6.10 mins          Gold-Lucy-Gt Barton 6.34mins

Silver- Ted- Bardwell 6.15 mins         Silver- Orla- Rougham 7.15mins

Bronze – Harry -Thurston 6.45mins    Bronze – Isobel Rattlesden 7.35mins

Rugby Challenge- Thanks to Schools that took part Abbots Hall- 54 participants, Gt barton- 175 Participants (all yrs grps took part), Rattlesden - 37 Participants, Woolpit - 50 participants, Rougham - 52 Participants, Combs ford - 20 Participants, Freeman- 39 Participants, Ringhshall- 16 Participants, Ixworth-30 Participants, Trinity- 134 participants (all yrs grps took part)

For this challenge the award went to the schools had the greatest number of pupils/ classes taking part.

 So congratulations to Trinity Primary and Gt Barton Primary who have won a School Rugby Trophy

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Welcome to Gipping Valley & Thurston School Sports Partnership.

I am the Sports Partneship Manager and School Games organiser
for the Gipping Valley and Thurston Sports Partnership based
at Thurston Sixth Form in Beyton and have been working within
school sport in Suffolk for the last 15 years.

My aim is ensure that high quality physical education and sport
stays at the heart of school life in the 40 schools that I work

We offer an extensive and broad competition programme within and
between schools, involving all pupils with the support of our
workforce such as young leaders and volunteers. The primary
sports premium has allowed us to offer support during Physical
education, extra curricular opportunities and workshops.

Will Hopkin - Jones 

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    Activities include :   Gymnastics, Dance, Target Games, Parkour and Ipswich Town Football

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