Gipping Valley & Thurston School Sports Partnership

 Welcome to Gipping Valley & Thurston School Sports Partnership.

I am the Sports Partneship Manager and School Games organiser
for the Gipping Valley and Thurston Sports Partnership based
at Thurston Sixth Form in Beyton and have been working within
school sport in Suffolk for the last 15 years.

My aim is ensure that high quality physical education and sport
stays at the heart of school life in the 40 schools that I work

We offer an extensive and broad competition programme within and
between schools, involving all pupils with the support of our
workforce such as young leaders and volunteers. The primary
sports premium has allowed us to offer support during Physical
education, extra curricular opportunities and workshops.

Will Hopkin - Jones 

To find out more informtion please contact us here 


Our Offer:

1. Breakfast, lunchtime and after school sports clubs organised.

2. Coaches vetted i.e. CRB, qualifications, insurance, Competency Assessment forms completed.

3. Co-ordination of events, festivals and competitions.

4. CPD and efresher sessions for staff.

5. Develop guidelines; offer standardised templates and examples of good practice for all elements of the Partnership.

6. Funding bids submitted on behalf of schools.

7. HoD meetings for secondary schools.

8. Input at school liaison meetings.

9. Leadership opportunities.

10. Mini bus use.

11. Organisational help with PE element of transition days.

12. PLT meetings for primary schools.

13. School to community sports club links developed.

14. Solutions for target group work (poor behaviour; attendance issues; SEN; able, gifted and talented).

15. Sourcing/contacting opportunities for flexidays; activity weeks; health days.

16. Sports library usage.

(Plus provide as much other support as is necessary and as can be reasonably expected throughout the Partnership)