Lockdown-Weekly Challenges 11 Jan - 12 Feb 


60 Second Challenge- During the next 5 weeks and possibly beyond - a New Challenge will be added each week for young people at school and at home to try.  


Week 1 - Plank Challenge


Week 2- Star Jumps Challenge


Week 3 - Step Up Challenge


Week 4 - Climb the Moutain Challenge


Week 5- Burpees Challenge


You can list the number of activities and scores on the Tracking sheet


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Participation and Prizes - the focus of these activities is to get as many entries as possible. 
School Prize- for most entries per school. 
Individual Prize for most amount of entries / activities completed by an Individual pupil.  


Virtual Award-Summer 2020. Achieved by following Primary Schools- Rattlesden, Trinity, Ringshall, Barningham, Thurston, Gt Barton, Wood Ley, Walsham, Creeting, Honington.

virtual award 

Recognition Award-Autumn/ Spring. Achieved by following Schools- Thurston community college, Stowmarkt High, Stowupland High, Rattlesden, Abbots Hall, Combs Ford, Elmswell Creeting, Freeman primary. 

School Games badge

Primary Running Challenge- Summer 2020

Take a look at one pupils efforts from Trinity Primary school 


EYFS-1) Walsham-26 Laps  2) Honington -25 Laps  3)  Creeting - 24 Laps

YR1-1) Rougham/ Honington-29 Laps  2) Wood Ley -27 Laps  3)  Ringhshall - 26 Laps

YR2-1) Barningham/Honington-30 Laps  2) Wood ley/Walsham/Trinity -28 Laps  3)  Rougham/ Trinty - 27 Laps

YR3-1) Trinity-31 Laps  2) Honington -30 Laps  3)  Trinity - 29 Laps

YR4-1) Wood Ley-32 Laps  2) Rattlesden -30 Laps  3)  Walsham/Creeting- 29 Laps

YR5-1) Honington-38 Laps  2) Creeting-31 Laps  3)  Walsham- 30 Laps

YR6-1) Rougham-36 Laps  2) Honington/Thurston -35 Laps  3)  Rougham - 32 Laps





topyaThe Gipping valley and Thurston sports partnetship has being selected to use the Get Going, Get Active contest as part of the School Games programme administered by the Youth Sport Trust ​

 Get Going, Get Active ​is a contest that encourages students to get and keep physically active, regardless of their initial level of activity.

 The contest uses the TopYa! Active app to deliver video challenges to students who can then complete them and get entered to win great prizes.

 This programme will run from November 2017 until 31 July 2018. After that students will continue to have access to use all the free features of TopYa! Active as well as purchase any paths that they want on their own, but the contest will not be available to them.

 Please contact me if you would like to take part in the programme


School Games Values Competition- One of the key aims of the Sports Partnership and School Games Festivals is to inspire young people through sport and promote the school games values.

The sports partnership would like to schools to design banner, flag or poster to be used within our schools and for our event venues to look inspirational, professional as well as to have that personal touch.

You can choose to incorporate all six values or focus on just one with your own pictures and designs


IMG 0062 webIMG 0063 web


 Congratulations to school achieving Silver : Great Finborough, Chilton, Wood Ley, Great Barton, Elsmwell, Rougham, Rattlesden, Bosmere, Abbots Hall, Norton, Creeting, Ixworth, Cedars Park and Freeman primary.



Congratulations to following school achieving Bronze : Thurston Community College, Stowmarket High, Stowupland High, Combs ford, Mendlesham, Walsham le Willows and Thurston primary

SG-L1-3-mark-2017-bronze web

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